Life Care Planning & Management

Preparation and Management for Long-term Care

Fahrenholz & Horrell acknowledges the increasing need for comprehensive long-term care. We provide comprehensive services in Life Care Planning and Management (LCPM).

Our LCPM services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Collection and assessment of all assets, financial and insurance information
  • Assessment of medical care
  • Valuation of housing needs
  • Estate planning
  • Evaluation of specialists required, including:
    • Geriatric care managers
    • Investment and financial consultants
    • Tax professionals

Our planning and management process focuses on our client’s goals such as; making sure they remain financially stable, ensuring that they do not become a burden to their family, and helping them maintain their independent lifestyle as long as possible.

We also work with our clients to make sure they can live in their home or their desired alternative housing for as long as they like. Fahrenholz & Horrell delivers complete services for families, specifically individuals, whose loved ones live outside of the DC area.

Plan for the Future

Sadly, throughout the aging process, individuals suffer many losses: a decrease in physical strength, deterioration of health, the loss of other aging peers, and the lack of financial independence.

We look towards the future with our client and their families to better plan for these upcoming life changes. With Life Care Planning and Management, we can prepare our clients and offer them the assistance and representation they will need throughout the aging process. Our compassionate attorneys can financially protect and preserve client’s assets and maximize their public benefits (Medicaid).

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