Experienced Attorneys with Broad Based Legal Services

Fahrenholz & Horrell LLP is a general practice law firm based out of Washington, DC that caters to the individual needs of their clients. The firm was founded in 2014 by Partick Horrell and Kimberly Fahrenholz and is held in high esteem by judges, lawyers, and clients for their exceptional legal services.

Unlike other law firms in the area that concentrate in one area of law- Fahrenholz & Horrell have a vast knowledge in copious legal fields which make them uniquely suited to help their client in whatever legal issue they may have.

The attorneys at Fahrenholz & Horrell have worked on many high profile cases over the years in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Individuals and families can trust they will receive individualized personal attention and high-quality legal representation from the attorneys at Fahrenholz & Horrell.

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